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Secure your online purchase deliveries, courier deliveries by parcel locker from parcelock.

Want to choose the best parcel locker in Vancouver? Just come to visit PARCELOCK!

It's your best defense against parcel and identity theft

Well built and secure


Our Parcel lock box is made of heavy gauge steel with a powder coat finish. The hasp is self locking, so only you will have the keys. 

Just leave it unlocked and the delivery person can lock your parcel in the parcel drop box.  We even supply you with instructional signage  for the courier. It's also weatherproof.

Easy to use


Parcelock is easy to use and versatile. Our parcel lock boxes have a large capacity for  your larger deliveries. Our lock boxes come with bolt down hardware, or you can tether it for more flexibility.



You can customize your Parcel lock box. Standard colors are white and black, but we also do custom colors. We also offer vinyl wrap for a custom look. 

Why Does Parcel Locker From PARCELOCK Work For You?

In Vancouver,it's becoming more and more serious about losing parcels. Many people are worried. How can we protect the safety of our mail and parcels?

In fact,  a parcel security locker is rapidly gaining popularity in Vancouver. By putting such a parcel locker at the door of your home, the risk of losing parcel can be reduced a lot.